February 11, 2018

Is Wireless Technology Killing Your Health?

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Daily, we are surrounded by “smart devices.” Smart phones, Smart Homes, Smart Cities and even Artificial Intelligence are near inevitable. We have created the “Internet Of Things”, where wireless reigns king. We are out of balance with nature. While this has been apparent for some time, we are only beginning to understand the price that will be paid.

Electromagnetic Fields, otherwise known as EMFs are an invisible force that is surrounding us 24/7 without notice. They are emitted from your phone, WiFi, Cell Towers, Power Lines and Vehicles. These technologies are only growing in number. If you live in a dense area, you will be unable to avoid them.
Later I will cover what you actually can do to reduce the amount of exposure received.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has designated mobile phone signals as “Possibly carcinogenic to humans.” A Swedish Study suggests that EMFs triple the risk of brain tumors. I hope that study is inaccurate. If correct, it will have disastrous consequences. Approximately 35 million children now have access to cell phones daily. Children’s brain tissue and bone marrow absorb significantly more radiation than an adult’s.

I understand some will disagree… but we can all agree that big business doesn’t stop for anything. It will bulldoze any remaining health and freedom we have, if allowed. Some have a very different opinion on this matter, and to them it is a reality. A small town in West Virginia has become a haven for them. These people call themselves “Electro-sensitive” and say being near EMFs causes them health concerns.

This town is called is Green Bank, and is home to the largest radio telescope in the world. Green bank is special because the town falls into what is called a Radio “Quiet Zone”. This lack of radio transmissions is constantly enforced. The telescope is extremely sensitive, and the use of wireless tech like mobile phones and wireless Internet are banned in Green Bank. This is the reason for the low EMF levels. Many Electro-sensitive people suffer conditions such as headaches, blurred vision, anxiety, depression and in some cases even skin rashes. Once in Green Bank, they only find peace and relief.

Regardless of whether EMFs directly cause cancer, It would be best to limit exposure to minimal levels. The effects on health are still unknown and being researched, much like cigarettes were in the 1950s. Hopefully with any luck, EMFs won’t be nearly as damaging. My Recommendation: Don’t keep cell phones on your body, unless it’s on airplane mode. Talk with ear-buds or speaker, don’t hold the phone to your head. Turn off the Wi-Fi Router at night, and you’ll save on power bills as well. You won’t be able to dodge the ones everybody is putting out, but this will minimize your exposure.

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